Breakfast of Champions

Whether you’re a naturally early riser or someone who enjoys hitting snooze a few times over, I think at this point we can all agree that breakfast is quite important for a kickass day. I’ve certainly enjoyed my share of mornings during which I wait to eat, usually when I’m starting the day with something physical. One example is if I go right out for an early run or a Crossfit class. Or sometimes I’ll head to yoga class and then cram a scone with butter and jam and a piece of frittata from One Girl Cookies afterward. Like so…


Yum. But anyway, for the most part it’s a great idea to eat within an hour of waking up and to make sure your first meal has either a good amount of protein (I’ve heard 30 grams within 30 minutes of waking) or fiber. It’s also a really great idea to put veggies in your breakfast –I’m one to easily overdo it on fruit, sugar, and sweeter options, especially to start my day. Starting with some vegetables means I’m setting myself up for success.

Yada yada yada. We know. But HOW?

Here’s how: KISS.

Just keep it simple, sunshine! (As you probably know, the KISS Principle originally stands for “Keep it simple, stupid,” as per the U.S. Navy in 1960. If you’ve never looked up that term before, here’s what Wiki has to say about the topic.) We’ll use “sunshine” for the sake of the fact that you’re getting out of bed and cooking yourself an awesome breakfast to start your day. Congratulations.

So, here we go. A breakfast of champions in 20 minutes or less!

KISS: Keep it Simple Scramble

1. Find some veggies that you like. I had scallions, mushrooms, and a red pepper in the fridge. IMG_2891

2. Heat up a skillet on medium-high with a bit of oil or butter. Cut those veggies up. Big chunks, little pieces, whatever you like. (3 min)


3. Toss the mushrooms in the skillet first. Make sure the heat is high and things are sizzling. Lay them out flat and don’t touch ’em for a few minutes. Mushrooms are best when left along to brown up a bit. (3 min)


4. Once browning nicely, give the mushrooms a toss. Add in the red pepper and let brown untouched for a couple minutes. Then add in the scallions and stir. (3 min)


5. As things are heating up, crack your eggs (I recommend three) into a bowl. Use the side of your fork against the side of the bowl to whisk them into shape. Vigorous stirring/whisking will allow the eggs to come in contact with lots of air, which makes them a bit fluffier and more voluminous. Yum. With your heat still on high, pour the eggs into the pan right over those veggies. (2 min)


6. Immediately turn down the heat to low. Starting with high heat allows the eggs to brown and set quickly on the bottom. Turning it right down means the eggs won’t overcook and get rubbery. Add in cheddar cheese if you want to… I was feeling indulgent. (4 min)


7. Put in a bit of black pepper and any other spices you love. After a minute, start to push the sides of your egg-creation in towards the center, allowing uncooked egg from the middle to escape out towards the now-bare side of the pan. Keep going around the edges and doing this until most of the egg has been moved around. Then, go wild. Gently fold the egg and veggie pile over and over itself with a spatula until everything is nicely cooked and mixed. You want the eggs to be softly scrambled, not overly firm. (3 min)


8. Throw it in your favorite bowl. Make sure you take a moment to smell the amazing flavors coming off your dish. (1 min)


9. This is enough on it’s own, but for bonus points (good fat, extra satiety), slice half an avocado and enjoy a little bit with each bite!

You did it! Your day has officially started with a bang. Go forth and conquer!

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