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About Whitney

A trained, competitive dancer through her childhood and adolescence, Whitney grew up with movement, alignment, music, and flow as her compass. Her relationship with yoga began in 2006, when she studied Iyengar-influenced asana under Linda Lehovec at the University of Illinois, where she received her BFA in Dance. Reluctant to wake up for the 8AM class time, Whitney actually found that even with a bit less sleep she had more focus and energy as a result of her consistent yoga practice.

She engages with this powerful practice on its many planes — as a philosophy, a methodology, a science, and a path — and is thrilled at the opportunity to share it with others. Whitney completed her 200-HR teacher training in 2010 with Sondra Loring and Raghunath at the Sadhana Center for Yoga in Hudson, NY, and gratefully continues to study with incredible teachers, such as Schuyler Grant, Alex Auder, Julie Dohrman, Elena Brower, Kevin Courtney, Marisa Sako, Angela Clark, Christina Hatgis, Stephanie Creaturo, and many more.

Whitney believes that removing real and perceived obstacles and laying a strong foundation will allow each of us to build the yoga practice, the life, and the world we want. A keen sense of body awareness, a root into anatomy and alignment principles, and a relationship with one’s unique breath all will foster a safe yoga practice with longevity. In her teaching, Whitney finds balance between crucial anatomy and alignment instruction and the flow that gets practitioner’s heat stirring and sweat pouring. Equally excited to teach basics and advanced asana, Whitney meets people right where they are on the mat and finds joy in expanding their own individual practice.

IMG_2451A true Gemini at heart, Whitney sees the duality and relationship in all things. Structure and flow. Pleasure and pain. Movement and stillness. Song and silence. She welcomes the exploration and navigation of these duets on and off the mat to develop the ability to move and respond freely and well.

Constantly in motion, Whitney rounds out her own physical yoga practice with CrossFit (a combination of strength training and metabolic conditioning), running, biking, and surfing when she can. She has witnessed how yoga complements other intense and outwardly rigorous activities, and she firmly believes that time on the mat and meditation cushion will translate into overall greater performance for athletes. She is currently developing a curriculum for Yoga for Crossfit.


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