Welcome to YogaPeel. My goal with this site is to provide inspiration and offer services to nourish body, mind, and spirit. I invite you to join me on the path of shedding our layers of habit, pattern, and reaction to discover compassion and vitality underneath. Excavate and ignite new possibilities. Peel and reveal.

Check out the blog for my latest recipes and other adventures to share.

Visit the yoga page to learn more about me as a 200-hr Certified Yoga Instructor!

Find out where and when I’m teaching on the schedule page.

Nourish yourself with new ideas and a bit of inspiration to get in the kitchen and create delicious, healthy meals for yourself and others.

Make some contact via social media platforms or to communicate directly with me to inquire about personal yoga instruction, CrossFit training, and more.

Finally, learn a bit about the people, places, and things that I love … an ever-expanding list of gratitude and appreciation!

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